3 Strategies for Effectively Managing Customer Service via Social Media

3 Strategies for Effectively Managing Customer Service via Social Media

3 Strategies for Effectively Managing Customer Service via Social Media

Social media blocksIf you are checking your social media page occasionally, it is very unlikely that you are giving great customer service. In fact, 40 percent of consumers want an answer within one hour. You may want to check in more frequently or hire a social media manager to provide what customers expect, but regardless, it is a necessity in the business world.

Be Available for Customer Service

Checking your social media page on alternate days simply is insufficient to provide great customer service. The truth is, 40 percent of consumers believe they should receive a reply within the hour. Whether this requires checking your pages periodically throughout the day or hiring a social media manager to handle it, the task is something that must be done.

Be Mindful with Automation

Via their actual site or third-party apps, Facebook and Twitter both have options for programmed acknowledgement. While these might not hurt in all cases, especially if it is just a ‘we will be right with you’ message, the wrong automation can send the wrong message. And if you do use automated replies, be sure you check in frequently. When it comes down to it, messages sound better coming from people who actually consider the issue at hand.

Consumers are participating with brands via social media more than ever. Sad to say, if they see terrible customer service on your page, they may never even try your product. Take the time to do social media customer service appropriately, and it will inevitably pay dividends to get more direct leads or customers on the web.

Use Already-Existing Customer Service Tools

While social media sites will certainly provide more ‘help desk’ type tools in the future, the big two already have an option. On the Twitter Customer Support settings page, you can enable customer support and followers will see a button on the page saying support is standing by.

The great thing about this is that even those who really don’t follow you on Twitter can then send direct messages. Similarly, be sure that your Facebook business page is set up to take incoming messages. You can also add a contact button straight to the page via the ‘Add a Button’ option.

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