3 Reasons Why Your Local Company Needs a Blog

3 Reasons Why Your Local Company Needs a Blog

Blogging for phone leadsWhen starting out, some business owners think advertising and marketing will be as easy as a few paid ads and a Facebook page. It is these business owners who either end up permanently closing their doors or learning a valuable lesson. That lesson is that there are other forms of advertising and marketing, and blogging is one of the most crucial. The heads of many companies have taken the step of creating a blog, but far too many haven’t come around. The following are just a few reasons this is a horrible decision.

Inbound Clicks Will Blow up

There are extensive intangible and potential benefits related to blogging, but the hard data is where things are most spectacular. Companies that begin blogging see a 97 percent enhancement in inbound links.

These links add SEO value to the website itself, and visitors from other sites could easily become paying customers. When other websites start seeing a blog as a beneficial source of information, they will start linking directly to it.

Improves Overall Search Engine Optimization

While inbound links certainly do wonderful things for SEO, Social Media managing, and blogging in general accomplishes so much more. In fact, blogs that received no inbound links at all would still improve a site’s SEO. Simply because more pages are available to be indexed, and online searchers are more likely to come across them. Internal linking between pages on the same site can also help in this endeavor.

Improve Other Digital Marketing Forms

Blogging can also do good things for a business’s other forms of marketing and exclusive lead sales. By embedding videos directly into blogs, for instance, the view count on the video will go up in addition to getting more eyes on it. Blogging also gives local companies the opportunity to post original content on their social media pages that actually results in improved traffic to the main site.

Although some businesses still treat it as such, blogging isn’t an option for small businesses. It may be possible to get by without it, but it puts a brand at a distinct disadvantage. The benefits of blogging are innumerable, but the aforementioned three should be enough to make its importance crystal clear.