3 Content Marketing Ideas Every Single Business Should Make The Most Of

3 Content Marketing Ideas Every Single Business Should Make The Most Of

3 Content Marketing Ideas Every Single Business Should Make The Most Of

Content Marketing billboardSmall businesses that take the time to blog have a competitive advantage over their competitors. This is seen in the fact that simply just prioritizing blogging gives you a 13 times better shot at seeing positive Return on your investment. This is outstanding, but there are many other forms of content marketing to implement. Figuring out the best strategies via trial and error is one tactic, but the following ideas have constantly proven effective across industry lines.

Create Listicles

Just because you establish great content doesn’t imply people will click on it. After all, for every one “How to Skin a Walleye” blog a tackle shop creates, there are thousands more already listed on Google. Instead of the typical “how to,” take a moment to develop a list and include the number of steps in the title. “5 Ways to Tie a Knot” will always get more attention than “How to Tie a Tie.”

Use Photos in Everything

Any local business owner who posts photos to Facebook knows that photos are a form of content marketing. Social media sharing, however, really should not be where this ends. Numerous case studies show that simply implementing images within blogs and articles can substantially increase the traffic to that piece.

It is hard to put a set number on how many added clicks you will get by employing images. This is because most research is in the form of case studies, and every bit of content is different. There is no doubt, though, that great images can sometimes make even a bad blog jump off the page.

Establish Customer Testimonial Videos

Phone leads and video are one of the most difficult forms of marketing for many local business owners. Typically, this is because it is tough to come up with ideas. One well-versed practice, though, is to create customer testimonial videos. These pieces of content will show people that you are capable of getting the job done. Even better is the fact that the featured customer will share the video everywhere.

There are numerous content marketing ideas that have been proven to pay off. The aforementioned are only the tip of the iceberg, but they are certainly a good start.